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Leading Sentences




Write the first sentence for 10 novels you would never write.




  • Sentences must be under 25 words.




  • The still night broke1 with a death rattle that wandered through the hallways of the ancient mansion.
  • Sharlene always2 knew that she would die a lonely spinster; she just didn't realize how sharp3 the emptiness would be.
  • Although the 42nd President was one of the most hated, he was also one of the most respected for his unwavering vision.
  • There are millions of births and deaths each day - maybe it's hundreds - but on any day people are born and people die.
  • A chill breeze blew across the prairie, the first signs of winter on it's4 gusty breath.
  • Booboo the bear bought a bunch of balloons for his beautiful wife, Belle.
  • The road seemed long ahead, but Charles knew he would finish the Tour de France ahead of Neil.
  • There are things in the night, things out of sight, things that crawl near in the depths of our fear.
  • Beatrice had never believed in love at first sight until he strolled in on a warm summer's night.
  • High noon came and went, but Buckshot Benny was nowhere to be seen.




I found it very difficult to come up with ideas for novels I would never write. Basically, I chose genres that I was never really interested in reading and invented storylines along those themes. I'm a little worried as to the amount of work I will have to do for these in the next tasks... ;)


Glutton Notes


1. How does a death rattle 'break' a night?

2. The word 'just' from the second part could also be omitted.

3. Sharp emptiness?

4. This is the contracted form of 'it is' or 'it has', the possessive form is 'its'.


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